Wednesday, December 28

Wednesday 12/28 workout

My apologies for the last-minute posting.  I'm still out of town, so I won't have the key to lock up after the workout.  Since I'm not sure if Craig or Todd will be there...

5:30 arrival at the shop, 6:00 begin workout.  You have to be out of there at 8:00 when the shop closes.

Here's the spreadsheet:

Weather permitting, I'm planning on doing the New Year's Day Coffee Club ride before Bill's brunch.  Hope to see you guys there.


Saturday, December 24

Merry Christmas Team!  May this season bring you peace, joy and few extra watts.  Thanks for being a great team.


Wednesday, December 21

Team training 12-21-11

UPDATE:  Thanks to Bill, Greg, Glenn, and Jeff for coming out last night.  Thanks also to juniors Ian and Ben (and Ben's dad Jeff) for joining us.  Hope to see you guys in the future.

Please note that I posted the wrong workout to the blog yesterday.  The workout that we ended up doing was correct.  75% blocks are exactly what we should be doing right now.

Enjoy the holidays!

Friday, December 16

Sunday workout 12/18/11

Hey gang -

Looks like we're going to have snow Sunday morning, so let's plan on an indoor workout at the shop.

9:00am meet at the bike shop.  I'll coordinate with Craig to get the key.  On bikes by 9:30 to begin the workout.  Link is here:  12-18-11 indoor workout

Who's in?

Wednesday, December 14

Team training Wednesday 12/14/11

Same deal as last week: meet at Pro Bikes at 6:30 to set up, begin workout at 7:00.

1:40 total workout time.  Spreadsheet is here: 12/14/11 workout

ROLL CALL: Let us know if you'll be at training tonight.

I won't be there tonight, since my big work deadline is Friday.  However, I plan to attend the team ride this Sunday.  Weather looks pretty good... why don't we ride outside?


Friday, December 9

Team training Sunday 12/11/11

Guys -

Two options for training this Sunday:

1) Train indoors at Pro Bikes.  The workout Hodos put together is 1:50 of mostly aerobic riding.  Standard stuff for this time of year.  Spreadsheet link is here: 12/11/11 workout

2) Ride outdoors starting at Pro Bikes.  Both Saturday and Sunday will be sunny and cold, so no risk of black ice on the roads.  It'll be in the low 20's first thing Sunday morning.

Which would you prefer?  Please respond with your preference, and whether or not you'll be at the workout.

Additionally, Jeff has requested that Sunday training sessions be moved to 8:00 AM.  Craig: are there any issues getting into the shop that early?  How does everyone else feel about an 8:00 AM start?


Thursday, December 8

Holiday CX Beatings

Last CX race for a season.  I see they dropped the Masters.  WTF, I signed up for the 123's later in the day, maybe it will be above 30. and I will get my money's worth for 60 minutes.  Anybody want to join me as I get my but kicked?

Holiday CX Beatings update.  I got my beatings!  As usual in SW PA the course only gets worse as the day goes on, perhaps I should have raced 3/4's.   I was off the back lickety split riders slipping and sliding all over the place and falling in easy corners.  I fell 5 times and didn't even try to race hard.  Nice course though, would have been great if it was totally frozen or simply wet but the thawed inch or two simply made it a skating rink.  I finished last out of 10 or so, lapped twice by the leader, Mike Mihalic. Had a good time and stayed warmer at 35 degrees then the coffee ride reported at 17 degrees.  See you at training on Wednesday.

Wednesday, December 7

First blog posting ever. Hope all have a great workout tonite!!!

Team blog user's guide

You all should have received an invitation to be an Author on the team blog.  If you haven't, check you junk mail.

Becoming an Author is easy.  If you have a Google account, you just need to accept the invitation.  Most of you should already have a Google account from back when I set up the email list.

If you don't have a Google account, it's easy to set one up.  Don't worry: you don't have to create a Gmail address to have a Google account.  You can use your current email address to log in to Google.

Once you accept the invitation, it's easy to create a blog post:

1) Go to the blog:

2) Sign in to Google.  There should be a link at the top of the blog.

3) Click on "New Post" and start typing away.  When you're done, just click "Publish".

4) All posts published on the blog are automatically emailed to the team list.  The prefix [Team Blog] is added to the beginning of all posts that are emailed to the list.

That's it!  Again, the purpose of the blog is to coordinate team training, post race results, and share other info.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Wednesday 12/7 indoor workout

Just a reminder: tonight is the first indoor workout.  Meet at Pro Bikes Squirrel Hill at 6:30, on bikes at 7:00 to begin the workout.

We're doing an hour and a half of mostly Zone 2 efforts, with some single-leg drills and an optional Tabata to spice things up. 

Workout spreadsheet is here (no sign-in required): Google Docs

ROLL CALL!  Leave a comment below to let us know if you'll be there or not.