Saturday, January 28

Sunday workout 01-29-12

Working out indoors tomorrow morning.  9:00 AM meet, on bikes at 9:30 to begin workout.

Remember: if you want to use the equipment, it's a $5 rental charge.  Payment can be made after practice.

Hodos's scheduled workout calls for 2x20 minute intervals at 95%, with a 10 minute interval at 100% at the end.  If you wish to push that hard, here's the link: Sunday 01-29-12

Personally, I think that's a little aggressive for the end of January.  So there will be an alternate workout available tomorrow for those interested: essentially 2 hours of Zone 2 (65-75%) with random 1 minute intervals at high cadence and intensity thrown in for good measure.  Your call.

See you there!

Wednesday, January 25

Wednesday workout 01-25-12

Tonight's workout will be earlier than previous weeks.  Plan for this week is 6:00 setup, on bikes to begin workout at 6:15.  Link to the workout is here: Wednesday 01-25-12

The earlier start time is to ensure that we're done by 7:45 and out of the shop at 8:00 when they close.  You must be out of the shop by 8:00.  No exceptions.

Also note that - beginning tonight - the Young Medalists Juniors team (organized by Ron Mower) will be sharing the space with us on Wednesdays.  They will be meeting at 5:30 and beginning their workout at 6:00.  I expect that they will be conducting their own workouts independently of ours.

Saturday, January 21

Sunday 01-22-12 workout

We'll be working out at the shop tomorrow morning.  Too much chance of black ice with all the snow we received.

Meet at 9:00, begin workout at 9:30.  Workout is here: Sunday 01-22-12 workout

For entertainment, we'll be (hopefully) watching "Hell on Wheels."

Wednesday, January 18

Team workout Wednesday 01/18/12

First off, I will not be at Wednesday practices for the rest of the winter.  Jeff has agreed to lead practice in my absence.  Thanks Jeff!

Beginning next week, Wednesday night practices will be moved earlier so that we're out of the shop at 8:00 when they close.  This is the only way to ensure that the door is locked and the alarm is set when we leave.

This week will be at the normal time: 6:30 set up, 7:00 begin workout.  Pro Bikes is hosting Colin Sandberg and a number of Juniors this evening, so we'll be riding with them.

Here's the link for the workout tonight: Wednesday 01-18-12


Saturday, January 14

Sunday workout 01-15-12

Workout indoors at the shop this weekend.  Meet at 9:00, on bikes at 9:30 to begin workout.

Link is here: Sunday 01-15-12


Tuesday, January 10

Wednesday 01/11/12 workout (with optional LT testing)

Two workout options this week.  Select the one appropriate for you:

Normal workout:  For those not testing, we are continuing with 20-minute Zone 2 blocks and 5-minute intervals, this time at 90%.  Spreadsheet is located here: Wednesday 01-11-12

LT testing:  A few of the team riders will be conducting lactate threshold tests.  This will consist of a thorough warmup (roughly 30 minutes at gradually increasing intensity) followed by 20 minutes at maximum effort.  Each rider choosing to test will need a helper to record wattage and heart rate at one-minute intervals.  A 20 minute cool down at low intensity will wrap up the workout.

Again, please note that LT testing is optional.  Do not feel pressured to test: you need to be fully rested for the test to be effective, and it needs to fit into your personal training schedule. 

However, I would strongly recommend that everyone test within the next couple of weeks, since we should be wrapping up Base phase and moving into Build come February.  Knowing your threshold wattage is critical to maximizing the Build workouts, without over training.

Please let me know if you want to test.  So far, only Bill and I are signed up.


Monday, January 9

It was a great day to be outside and ride the North Hills yesterday.  Always nice to see new roads.  I'm glad we had the Junior's Ian and Tyler on board to share a good long endurance ride.

Let's consider doing Threshold tests this Wednesday night.  Consider a shorter session with a warm up and then the power tests, perhaps splitting in two groups, or perhaps Skip can come down and help us out.

Friday, January 6

Sunday 01/08/11 ride: OUTSIDE!

Sunday's weather looks good: sunny, dry, high of 40.  It would be criminal not to ride outdoors this weekend!

So here's the plan.  To avoid overlapping with the PMVC ride, let's meet at 9:15 at the shop and roll out at 9:30.  We'll do 2.5 to 3 hours of controlled group riding: no attacks, no breakaways, no hammering.  Route will be moderately hilly, heading north into the Fox Chapel area and beyond.

If you're running late, call me: 412-641-0940.  Otherwise you'll be left behind.

Also, there will be no access to the shop until it opens at 12:00.  Leave your trainers at home.

ROLL CALL!  Who's in?

Wednesday, January 4

Wednesday workout 01/04/12

Happy New Year everyone!  Hope the holidays were full of family and food.

Workout tonight will be at the normal time: 6:30 arrival, 7:00 on bikes to begin warmup.

We're upping the effort to 85% on the five minute blocks this week, with a 10 minute block also at 85% near the end.  Should be a thigh-burner! Link is here:  Wednesday workout

Looking forward to seeing everyone there.