Wednesday, November 9

New team blog!

I think we can all agree that the email list has become a little overwhelming.  Keeping track of discussions requires some serious hunting, and who wants all that crap in their Inbox?

Enter the TEAM BLOG.  A place for everyone on the team to talk about racing, training, or whatever else in an orderly, easily navigable format.  Hooray!

Here's how this works:

- This blog is completely internal:  Only team members can create new blog entries.  You will be receiving an email inviting you to be a blog author very soon.  You'll need a Google account.

 - Got something to talk about?  Write a new entry!  It's just like typing an email.  Pictures, movies, links, etc. can all be added to spice up the experience.

- Want to respond to someone's entry?  Write a new comment!  Comments can be posted at the bottom of each entry.  Just one rule: STAY ON TOPIC.  If you want to talk about something else, create a new entry.

- Looking for something we talked about a while ago?  Use the search bar!  The Google bar to the right will only search this blog's entries and comments.

Pretty easy, eh?  Again, the point of this is to make communication much easier.  If you have suggestions, please leave them in the comments below.



  1. You don't need to be signed in to leave a comment. Just identify yourself somehow.

  2. Kevan, the blog is great thanks for putting this together. However, blogs are blocked at my office so I will check posts at home or on my phone

  3. I was going to post race results for So Park CX: Craig & I won our age group and we where well represented with Greg, Jeff & Johnny too. Muddy power course.

    Not sure how to post a separate section??? Too much social media in one week with facebook. I may need a tutor.


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