Thursday, November 10

Indoor training coming soon

We discussed indoor training at the meeting.  It was agreed that Wednesday and Sunday were the preferred days.  Workouts this year will be at Pro Bikes in Squirrel Hill.

Training with the team should be your highest cycling priority this winter.  We've lost the glue that makes us cohesive... indoor training rebuilds that glue.

The first workout will be Wednesday, December 7th at 6:30 PM.

Leave a comment if you plan on attending.


  1. Kevan, nice new site. Looking forward to posting the workouts and getting the team together. Thanks for all of your contributions to the team.

  2. So, as an FYI, there were no other bites for the PMVC ride on Sunday.. Near the end of the ride, Stephanie Swan asked me what brought me to their ride on Sunday.. I responded, oh, this is our team ride this week :-) no worries, good ride about 52 miles from home (rode up), only thing, if we make these our Sunday rides, it would be nice to ge an earlier start.. Would like to be wrapped up by 11:30 or so, if possible.

    As an FYI, I have a presentation in Erie on Wednesday afternoon, and likely wont be back in town for the workout. Hopefully I get carryover points for Sunday.


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