Sunday, April 22

Race report for ABRA Green County RR

Lovely day for a bike ride, 50degrees and rain.  Anyway at ABRA #2 RR outside of Waynesburg a little rain made the fields a little thin but many of the usual showed up.  Ian and I represented UPMC.  Ian was out first in the 3/4's  I understand he did well riding in the peleton combined with the 123's.  A couple 123's broke away at the first climb but Ian sat in the main group, climbing as well as usual.  He had a little sprint in the chase group of a dozen or so and placed 14th overall in the 3/4's.

I raced the Masters of course,together with the women, about 30 of us all together.  The rain was constant but never real hard during the race.  The first hill I started a little too hard and lost position but got back with the group with a hard effort on the downhill.  Recovered only to see Gunnar pull off the front by himself and not enough organization to pull him back in.  I didn't care since he is racing the +40's.  The next two hills I managed better and saved a couple matches for the top.  Descents were slow because of the wet roads.  By the time the third hill came about there were three women, four +40's, myself and another +50's .  Six miles to go and the group rotating well positioning for the eventual sprint.  500 meters out I go! What was I thinking?  I happened to hold off all but Ted Mac McPherson, a +40 to finish 4th  in our race and 1st in the +50's.  A quick change to get into some dry and warm clothes and wait for the podium and the wheel truck.

Next week Steel City Showdown,  Kiddie-up!

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