Monday, April 9

Yes, I am over due for a race report but with the holidays this weekend, now is time to catch up.

Morgantown RR the first of JR's ABRA Road Race Series and what a beautiful day.  65 degrees and a light breeze to welcome +300 racers.  Ian raced 3/4's, Johnny +40's and  me in the +50's. Lot's of folks excited to race.

I believe Ian's field was full at 75 rider's.  He finished well in the pack at  2:12:43 for 20th place.  Dynamite finish for a guy half the size of many of the racers and stuck with junior gears on those fast descents. Great job!

Johnny and I raced together in a field of 37 for the +40's and 28 in the +50's.  Some power houses from DC and Annapolis including Bax and Thasher in the +50's.  I felt good at the start and even chased Ray Russel on a little break.  Then came the first hill.  A typical JR race with a 1.5 mile climb that included some 15% grades.  I was in the lead group with Gunnar, Thasher and Russel at the start of the hill but about half way through I blew, couldn't dig deeper and lost about 10-15 places. I started working in a little group but decided to break away on the next hill outside a coal mine and a young +40 joined me.  We could see the next chase group in sight but could never catch them.  Finally the Calvary came that included Johnny with about 15 miles to go and the last of the four hills.  Johnny and I, Jeff Guy and Ted McPhearson his teammate were pitted against two guys from Annapolis (one of which was a +50). I lead the group over the last hill and then a fast descent and 5 miles to roll into the finish.  The six of us really went out fast dropping any other player's. Each taking a pull but carefully jockeying for position for the sprint.  With about 200 Meters to go Johnny jumped. I carefully watched my competition and followed a bit behind.  Johnny won our little field sprint, I came in forth with my competition a little back.  A fun finish despite being back in the race a little.

So how did we do?  Johnny rode 2:19:15 for 16th in the +40's  and I was at 2:19:18 for 9th place in the +50's.  There were a few protests in the results but I am happy with my results and had a great bike race on a beautiful day.

Thanks for reading
Bill .

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