Thursday, December 8

Holiday CX Beatings

Last CX race for a season.  I see they dropped the Masters.  WTF, I signed up for the 123's later in the day, maybe it will be above 30. and I will get my money's worth for 60 minutes.  Anybody want to join me as I get my but kicked?

Holiday CX Beatings update.  I got my beatings!  As usual in SW PA the course only gets worse as the day goes on, perhaps I should have raced 3/4's.   I was off the back lickety split riders slipping and sliding all over the place and falling in easy corners.  I fell 5 times and didn't even try to race hard.  Nice course though, would have been great if it was totally frozen or simply wet but the thawed inch or two simply made it a skating rink.  I finished last out of 10 or so, lapped twice by the leader, Mike Mihalic. Had a good time and stayed warmer at 35 degrees then the coffee ride reported at 17 degrees.  See you at training on Wednesday.

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