Friday, December 9

Team training Sunday 12/11/11

Guys -

Two options for training this Sunday:

1) Train indoors at Pro Bikes.  The workout Hodos put together is 1:50 of mostly aerobic riding.  Standard stuff for this time of year.  Spreadsheet link is here: 12/11/11 workout

2) Ride outdoors starting at Pro Bikes.  Both Saturday and Sunday will be sunny and cold, so no risk of black ice on the roads.  It'll be in the low 20's first thing Sunday morning.

Which would you prefer?  Please respond with your preference, and whether or not you'll be at the workout.

Additionally, Jeff has requested that Sunday training sessions be moved to 8:00 AM.  Craig: are there any issues getting into the shop that early?  How does everyone else feel about an 8:00 AM start?


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