Friday, January 6

Sunday 01/08/11 ride: OUTSIDE!

Sunday's weather looks good: sunny, dry, high of 40.  It would be criminal not to ride outdoors this weekend!

So here's the plan.  To avoid overlapping with the PMVC ride, let's meet at 9:15 at the shop and roll out at 9:30.  We'll do 2.5 to 3 hours of controlled group riding: no attacks, no breakaways, no hammering.  Route will be moderately hilly, heading north into the Fox Chapel area and beyond.

If you're running late, call me: 412-641-0940.  Otherwise you'll be left behind.

Also, there will be no access to the shop until it opens at 12:00.  Leave your trainers at home.

ROLL CALL!  Who's in?

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