Tuesday, January 10

Wednesday 01/11/12 workout (with optional LT testing)

Two workout options this week.  Select the one appropriate for you:

Normal workout:  For those not testing, we are continuing with 20-minute Zone 2 blocks and 5-minute intervals, this time at 90%.  Spreadsheet is located here: Wednesday 01-11-12

LT testing:  A few of the team riders will be conducting lactate threshold tests.  This will consist of a thorough warmup (roughly 30 minutes at gradually increasing intensity) followed by 20 minutes at maximum effort.  Each rider choosing to test will need a helper to record wattage and heart rate at one-minute intervals.  A 20 minute cool down at low intensity will wrap up the workout.

Again, please note that LT testing is optional.  Do not feel pressured to test: you need to be fully rested for the test to be effective, and it needs to fit into your personal training schedule. 

However, I would strongly recommend that everyone test within the next couple of weeks, since we should be wrapping up Base phase and moving into Build come February.  Knowing your threshold wattage is critical to maximizing the Build workouts, without over training.

Please let me know if you want to test.  So far, only Bill and I are signed up.


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