Saturday, January 28

Sunday workout 01-29-12

Working out indoors tomorrow morning.  9:00 AM meet, on bikes at 9:30 to begin workout.

Remember: if you want to use the equipment, it's a $5 rental charge.  Payment can be made after practice.

Hodos's scheduled workout calls for 2x20 minute intervals at 95%, with a 10 minute interval at 100% at the end.  If you wish to push that hard, here's the link: Sunday 01-29-12

Personally, I think that's a little aggressive for the end of January.  So there will be an alternate workout available tomorrow for those interested: essentially 2 hours of Zone 2 (65-75%) with random 1 minute intervals at high cadence and intensity thrown in for good measure.  Your call.

See you there!

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